From the context menu of a project or folder, you can import items from an Excel file directly into the selected project or folder.
In the import dialog you can first download a sample file in the appropriate format for the selected project. There you can specify which items you want to import. For each item type, a worksheet is then created in Excel in which you can insert the data you want to import. Note: if you select only test scenarios, a worksheet for test cases will be added to the sample file, because the import of test scenarios always requires the import of the corresponding test cases at the same time.
You can then replace the sample data in all worksheets in the sample file with the data you want to import. Attention: please replace/delete all sample data in all tabs of the Excel file before importing, otherwise this data will be imported as well. The items from the sample data will always have the name "string" which allows you to filter and delete them in the item browser of the navigation if they were imported mistakenly.
You can then simply drag the customized sample file into the gray area of the import dialog or search and select it by clicking on this area. You can use the checkbox "Ignore incorrect rows" to specify that all valid items in your file should be imported and invalid ones should be ignored. If the checkbox is not selected, the import will be aborted without importing anything if some of the content is incorrect.
Important notes for the import:
All item types:
Test Cases:
Test Scenarios: