Item Grid

The tab structure of the Item Browser displays the items contained in the selected project or folder in an organized way (requirements, test cases, test scenarios, defects, scripts). You can easily move items to other folders via drag and drop. In the lower area of the item browser, you can navigate between pages if there are many items and specify how many items should be displayed per page (50, 100, 200).  The Include subfolders button affects whether only the items in the selected folder are shown or whether the items of subfolders are also shown recursively. The Include archived items button affects whether archived items are displayed.
By right-clicking any item in the item browser, a context menu appears for quick editing of the item. You can use the context menu to (for one or more items):
By holding down the control key (ctrl), several items can be selected directly, so that the desired action is performed for all these items (batch editing). In the same way, several items can be moved to the desired folder at the same time. Using the menu item Change, the selected items can be changed without opening them. If the value selection of the changeable field is greater than 20, you can search for the required value. To do this, click on the name of the field to be changed. A window opens in which you can search for the target value.