Take Screenshot

In all rich text fields, e.g. description fields of items, test steps of test cases, discussions or actual results in test case executions, you can use the Take Screenshot icon in the editor to capture your screen or parts of your screen, edit the screenshot and insert it back into the text field.
Depending on the browser you are using, the first thing you see is a message telling you which screen, window or application you want to capture.
In Firefox for example this looks like this:
In Chrome for example it looks like this:
After you have taken the screenshot, you can still edit it. Here you can crop the image as well as insert arrows, lines and more as well as highlight text and blur parts of the image. You can use the Delete key to delete selected elements that you have previously inserted. Use the eraser to reset all changes.
When you are finished, you can use the Insert into Editor button to paste the screenshot with your adjustments into the description.