Using the context menu of a project or a folder, you can export all items of the selected project or folder as Excel file. In the same way, you can also use the context menu of one or more selected items to export the selected items.
A zip file is always created, which contains an Excel file with detailed information about the selected items, separate folders for all items with their attachments and Word files containing rich texts from e.g. descriptions or test steps.
In the Excel file the different item types are stored in separate worksheets. The items are stored in the rows with all information from their fields in the respective columns.
For description fields (rich text fields) Excel only displays plain text without formatting (since this is not supported by Excel). But there is always a link to the formatted text including the images as a Word file in a separate folder. For this link to work, the zip file must be extracted before opening the Excel file.
When exporting test scenarios, the corresponding test cases are automatically exported as well, provided the user has reading permissions for these test cases.
The zip file can then be re-imported into aqua via import. It is recommended to use the same project configuration to avoid incompatibilities.
Value sets for test cases are not exported
Discussions are not exported
The history and the test case execution history are not exported