Server Installation

Please make sure, that you have all files available to install your aqua server.
First, you must to install the aqua for IIS Installer.msi on the Microsoft Windows server. In order to do so, double click on the file.
Click Next. Choose the default path and click Next.
The next screen requires some configuration.
Instance name:
name of your aqua server
Notification mail address
email address of the notification sender.
Notification mail host
host name of your mail server
Customer ID
this field may remain empty
License file
path to your local aqua license file
Database type
Choose your database type and deactivate the check box Configure database
Click on Next. Enter the required data according to your SQL-Instance. This data can also be changed afterwards. Click on Next, read the hints and click on Next.
The aqua server is being installed now.
Finally, you will receive the following message:
The aqua server has been successfully installed. The next step is to connect aqua to the corresponding database.