Record video

aqua Test Recorder records in the highest quality by default, which might result in large files. You can switch to lower quality via the settings to decrease the size of the video. Changes to the setting are applied to all future recordings.
Step 1: Start executing your test case, insert the URL of the app or webpage you want to record a video of, and click the ‘Save’ button.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Record’ button. This will open the tested page in a separate tab.
Step 3: On the pop-up, choose the ‘Record video’ option.
Step 4: On the preview pop-up, select what you want to record.
Note: Chrome has some security limitations for video recording. If you want to record the video on a specific page, you need to navigate to the ‘Chrome tab’ and select the page where you want to do it.
Step 5: Once you select the page, the video recording will start. Start performing test steps, and your actions will be highlighted on your screen the same way they will be on the recording.
Step 6: To stop recording, click on the ‘Stop sharing’ button and you will be navigated to the preview page.
Step 7: Preview the recorded video. If you are satisfied with the recording, you can click ‘Add to execution’ and the video will be added as an attachment.
Step 8: If you are unhappy with the result, you can re-record the video by hitting the ‘Re-record’ button
Step 9: If the video exceeds the max size of the file you can upload to aqua, simply download the recording to your computer.
- This feature is supported starting from version 22.82.
- You can add an unlimited number of videos to aqua.
- The current limit per file size is 10 MB.
- If you want to record multiple videos, you need to start the recording every time from the test execution.