Comparison of Licenses

In aqua you can assign different licenses to your users, depending on what you ordered. The permissions of the licenses take precedence over the permissions from the roles, so you can further restrict the permissions from the license with a role, but not extend them. This means for example that you can assign the role "Project Administrator" to a user with a Basic license, but the user will still not be allowed to create test cases, because this is restricted by the license.
The licenses can also be of the type Named or Floating. A named license can only be assigned to one user at a time. Floating licenses can be assigned to any number of users. However, only as many users can be logged into aqua at the same time as there are licenses available
How to assign licenses and roles to users is explained in detail in the chapter user administration.
For each aqua Pro and aqua ALM license, one additional license is provided for an automation agent of your choice. Which one you can choose can be found here. Please specify the desired agent licenses when ordering your licenses. These agent licenses do not need to be assigned, but are automatically applied by the respective agents when the agent is started.
In the following you will find a detailed list of all the differences between the aqua licenses. Our aqua cloud license has the same permissions like the ALM license: