Chrome extension test recorder

aqua Test recorder is a Chrome extension that any aqua user can install to the Chrome browser and utilize to run manual test executions on any webpage.
The extension helps you to focus on the actual flow and verify that everything works as expected while running a test. You avoid switching between the aqua and the application or website that is under the test and have all data at hand.
Key features:
- Test any webpage while all events from manual interactions with web pages will be automatically recorded: clicks, keystrokes, URL changes etc.
- Edit the captured data to distil the essentials and define what exact events you need to save;
- Leave comments or notes to provide additional information about what happened;
- Take screenshots of the whole screen or specific areas;
- Transfer captured details to aqua for further reporting.
The package for the installation can be found here.
You can easily add it by following these simple instructions:
1. Download the latest package
2. Unzip it
3. Open your Chrome browser and type: chrome://extensions/
4. Enable ‘Developer mode’
5. Click ‘Load unpacked’
6. Choose the extension folder and upload it.
Once it is uploaded, it will be added to the list of Chrome extensions.
Click on the icon ‘Extensions’ and pin the aqua Test Recorder. The aqua icon will appear on the extensions toolbar.
How to start execution with the chrome extension
  • Open your aqua project,
  • Start execution of a test case,
  • Insert URL of the application or website you want to test
  • Click the button ‘Save’ on the ribbon to save the execution and initiate the transferring of the data for further testing.
  • Hit the button ‘Record’
Once you click the button ‘Record’, the new tab with the application or website under the test opens and the sidebar appears.
How to do the testing with the Chrome extension
Once you navigated to the webpage, read the instructions and expected result of the step and start testing as you usually do.
When you do a certain action, it will be automatically captured and recorded. Each area you click will be highlighted so that you know that the element is clicked.
If you want to delete a certain action, just set the focus into the ‘Events&Actual Result’ field and remove it.
Besides, you can leave comments and continue to do the testing.
All captured steps will be added after your comments.
There is an option to take a screenshot of the entire window or selected area.
Once you have tested the step and documented everything that is needed, you should set the corresponding status: Passed, Failed, Blocked or Not applicable.
To pass the data to aqua, you need to explicitly click the button ‘Save’ each time you finish testing the step. When you save the test step, it will appear under ‘Actual result’ in aqua in the active test execution.
You can always finish the execution by clicking the button ‘Close’.
In case the test execution is not finalized yet, you can always proceed by initiating it from the same execution in aqua. You need to start your recording from the step you need to proceed.
Please note that if you do any changes to the saved step and then save it again, the changes will override previously saved results in aqua.
If while testing a certain step you understood that all captured data is incorrect, you can always reset the step by clicking the corresponding button.